• Transcription: Advanced Chiropractic of Philadelphia.

    Dr. Jamieson: There’s a lot of people that we don’t realize they live in pain, day-in and day-out. And just getting them to feel better, you know, they are your friends for the rest of your life! That’s why I enjoy what I do.

    My approach to chiropractic is kind of the way I would want to be treated. I want my clients to see results quickly and get better. You know, some I see in just a few visits and they’re great, and they’re on with their lives! Some people, they have different types of conditions where they have bad disc herniations, and I have seen those patients multiple times over the years, but it’s kinda meeting clients where they’re at.

    James (client): When I first met Alex, he did a great job in helping me find out how I could address the needs that I had. I fortunately had not suffered from any chronic pain, I have never been in a car accident that resulted into any type of back pain. But I was a pretty high-level athlete and had tried to remain so over the years. To be proactive and to deal things pre-emptively before they occur has been my approach to living a healthy life, so Alex has confirmed that and it’s been a wonderful experience with him.

    Dr. Jamieson: You know, some of the toughest cases are people bearing the worst amount of pain. You’re talking about people with buldging herniated disc. You’re talking about people with severe arthritis. They will call the chiropractor with these kinds of conditions is “This is it! I’m going in for surgery, this just doesn’t work!” We have seen just amazing long-term results on people that were getting no results. You know what, I think that helps people too when you can say “You’re not alone. I know you’ve been to a million doctors, you’ve had a million tests, but there’s a very good chance that we can help you!”

    Michael (client): I’ve tried everything, and nothing is really helping. And it was a session at my acupunctress in New York who said “Have you ever tried spinal decompression?”. Dr. Jamieson was the only one who really did that, so I made an appointment.

    Dr. Jamieson: Decompression therapy which is a state-of-the-art technology for disc problems, people with buldging herniated discs, sciatica, pinched nerves. When the table starts to move and pull to the lower back and hip, you’ll gonna see the table separate, and slowly it creates a negative pressure in there. So you’re causing that disc to hopefully retract back into place. We’re trying to open up that space. So people are worried “Is this gonna hurt?”, and it’s exactly the opposite! For someone that comes in in pain many times, they’ll feel better as the stretch is at its height because it’s taking pressure off.

    Michael (client): I automatically just start seeing just a sense of relief, and it gave me such a sense of hope to know that the pain you’ve been living with, and starting to feel like you will live with for the rest of your life, isn’t gonna happen!

    Dr. Jamieson: It all depends upon what people need. Of course, chiropractic adjusting which is chiropractic manipulation. We have massage therapy, which I find is an amazing accompaniment of chiropractic. We have muscle stemming. We do have something called laser therapy which helps people with chronic inflammation whether it’s in the back or they have bursitis in the hip, knee or things of that nature.

    Ebony (client): I came here as a result of spinal cord injury due to a fall and temporary paralysis. Dr. Jamieson has not only addressed some of my lower back pain, but also the mobility via the stretchy table. He did tissue massages weekly, as well as adjustments to my neck and back – and I feel that I’m whole again, and that my quality of life has greatly increased. Thanks to Dr. Jamieson!

    Dr. Jamieson: I think the most fun part of my job is to see clients that changed in the way someone looks when they’re feeling better. When someone who’s using a cane and two weeks later they can throw their grandchildren up in the air. It’s an amazing transformation – that’s why I enjoy what I do. When I get results, of course, when I see my clients come in after a visit or two, and they’re smiling and they’re feeling good and they can’t believe who quick they have turned around or they have felt a certain way. Really, it’s why you do what you do.

    – End of Transcript

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